Sunday, February 8, 2015

Palace in Copenhagen

Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen


Denmark - a wonderful country with many attractions, most of which are linked to the life of the royal family. Amalienbor palace, located in Copenhagen is still used by the royal family, but he is ready to receive visitors. Visitors can not only see the buildings themselves, but also go to the private quarters of the Queen of Denmark, look for furniture and household items.

The first building appeared here in 1673. He was named Amalienbor, in honor of Sophia Amalia, wife of one of the kings. But 12 years later it burned down. However, at this point, erected new buildings, which were of the same name as the first palace.
Construction began in 1750, the author of the project was the architect Nicholas Egtved. It was done four buildings in the Rococo style. The palace has a courtyard adorned with a statue of King Frederick. It was made in 1771.
From 1750 to 1754 were the construction of the first of the four buildings of the palace ensemble, which was originally planned to give Marshal Lord AG Moltke, so it was called the Palace Moltke. Then he got a new name - the palace of Christian VII. This is where the royal family lived, when in 1794 a fire destroyed their residence Kristianberg, located on the island of Slotsholmen. Now it take guests.

The second palace was intended for KF Levetsau. But since 1794, he is considered the property of the royal family and is called the Palace of Christian VIII. The building was restored in 1980, it kept the Royal Library and the Royal Collection.
Another, third, the palace built for Baron Joachim von Brockdorff, who was a cavalry colonel of the Danish army. After his death, became the owner of the building Adam Gottlieb von Moltke, and then he was transferred to King Frederick V. Later, the palace became to bear the name of Frederick VIII. The building was restored (1869), and it began to live Prince Frederik and his family. Now the building is given royal family palace administration. There are shops that sell sports nutrition and souvenirs for tourists.
Last mansion was built for Levenselda Severin, who was privy councilor. However, he did not have time to use it, because before the end of its construction gave the Countess AS Shaq, and later became the owner of the palace Hans Schack, her adopted son. The royal family bought it for Frederick VI. In 1863, he was handed over by Christian IX, he was wearing his name. Now it remains home to the family of the Queen of Denmark and herself.
The place where the generations lived royals should be on the list of any tourist, because now not so much.