Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Theatrical Show

Dance Kechak Amazing Theatrical Show


Balinese culture is multifaceted and colorful, as, indeed, and the island itself with its bright and beautiful nature. Yet the special attraction of Bali are theatrical folk dances that combine extravaganza of colors and emotions.
The most popular on the island mass dance Kechak or, as it is also called monkey Song Ramayana. Dance has earned a worldwide reputation because of its beauty, emotion and drama, leaves virtually anyone indifferent.
The basis of the story, the situation in the dance is a traditional epic struggle between good and evil, in addition, the Balinese see him and a deep religious significance, because they know God.
Traditionally costumed dance Kechak performed during the hours of sunset in the open air at Uluwatu Temple. Each participant in the show, and the audience is guaranteed an emotional charge and mass memories.
The plot of the dance tells of the struggle with evil demons, which is fighting a brave Sith eventually triumphs over evil. At the end of the dance actor destroys fires, divorced around him that symbolize the triumph of good.
Kechak - a kind of active meditation, because men performing dance, immersed for a short time in a trance to the sound of his own voice. In this awesome action take part from forty to one hundred and fifty men, and the dance is performed without musical instruments, tempo kechak given many-voiced shouting dancers who mimic monkeys - "chak-chak-chak-kechak."
Every tourist, staying in Bali, certainly wants to visit this amazing theatrical show.