Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Coconuts on Head (India)

Ritual Partition Coconuts on the Head


That just does not make followers of Eastern religions to attract luck. In the Indian village of Tamil Nadu is held annually traditional ritual during which believers break coconuts on the head.
Thousands of Indians, including women and children, are willing to queue for hours until their head does not smash the fruit of the coconut palm. Painful ritual that causes confusion among Westerners is customary in South Indian temples. Pilgrims believe that this practice - it's the best way to show their devotion to the deity. 
This tradition appeared relatively recently - in the XIX century, during the time of colonial India. The British wanted to lay on the territory of the village railroad tracks, but it hurt a lot of stones, resembling the coconut. The British then mockingly promised to pave the way somewhere else, if the Indians dare break damask on their heads. Incredibly, the Indians did it. Hindus believe that they helped force from above, and has since started holding celebrations in the form of traditional ritual smashing coconuts on their heads as a sign of respect to the deity.
In addition to the faithful, in the village of Tamil Nadu come and ambulance staff. Breaking coconut on the head can lead to dysfunction of the brain, which is not tried to warn physicians of the action. However, the Indians firmly believe that their god will save them, making devotion pilgrims. During the ritual, someone cries out in pain, and someone is sitting without a rustle, staying in a deep state of meditation.