Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Joko del Ponte (Italy)

Joko del Ponte Undying Spirit of Chivalry


Favorite hobby Pisan knights in the Middle Ages was a game "Matstsaskudo" during which used real maces and shields that often becomes the cause of injury or even injury. In order to protect the knights from senseless injuries in the XIX century it was decided to ban the carrying out of this game. Revival Matstsaskudo happen in the XX century, only battles Mace will be gone. Their place will be a great team tug carts, but with regard to the holiday, it harmoniously complement the costume parade.
Since that time, historical events, called Joko del Ponte, has become an annual event in Pisa. The traditional date of the meeting was the last Saturday of June.
Costume parade, whose main goal - to show respect to various historical events, begins at Ponte di Medzev. The bridge going over seven hundred participants, each of which must necessarily be dressed in historical costume of a particular era or clad in armor.
Depending on the area of ​​residence (north or south), all participants in advance divided into teams that tend column will move along the embankment of the Arno.

Another integral part of the Gioco del Ponte, indicating a translation of "Games on the bridge" is a horse that must necessarily accompany his master during the entire military parade, as well as with him to take an active part in the team competition, which will take place on the bridge.