Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Queen's Birthday (Holland)

Holland is considered a national holiday Queen's Day, which is traditionally celebrated on 30 April. Since 2014 this significant day for the Dutch began to celebrate on April 26 because this date is the birthday of the new king Alexander Holland.
The most solemn celebration held in Amsterdam. This year, since the evening of the twenty fifth of April the central part of the city was closed, there was a spontaneous market. During the holiday city residents bring to the street the most diverse product that is sold for a symbolic price.
On the Queen's birthday is traditionally visited by many visitors from other countries in the world, was no exception, and in 2014, because at this popular festival could even hear the original music performed by the North American Indians.
On a holiday atmosphere of fun, joy and togetherness, the majority of participants dressed in orange T-shirts and hats, because this color is considered a symbol of the royal dynasty. In honor of the police are very friendly even to a very drunken youth.
Queen's birthday is a true national holiday, which is celebrated not only in the Netherlands but also in Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles. The history of this fun-filled celebration originated back in 1885, it was then that the Liberal Party has decided about the celebration of the Day of National Unity, which was subsequently renamed the Queen's Birthday.
At all times, the participants in this grand celebration for many years remain bright orange unforgettable experience.