Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bayreuth Festival (Germany)

Bayreuth Festival A tribute to the works of Richard Wagner


In the German city of Bayreuth for more than a century in late July, a festival in which sound musical dramas of Richard Wagner. For this event has been specially built theater tickets which nowadays get very problematic because the number of people wishing to attend the Bayreuth event is several times higher than the number of tickets sold.
The first festival in Bayreuth, which was initiated by Richard Vagenr, held in 1876, it was a full cycle "Der Ring des Nibelungen." But it is still a cultural event, regardless of the artistic success of the composer, turned financial failure, so the next festival, where the audience was presented "Parsifal", held only in 1882. Before visiting the festival recommend a German language course, it helps to better understand the traditions of Germany.
New music composer wrote specially built for the theater, given his acoustic and technical capabilities.

When he died, Richard Wagner, director of the festival became his wife, Cosima, who was able to put this musical event on sustainable commercialization. At the beginning of the last century Bayreuth Festival is not only a Mecca for admirers of Wagner, but also a place where traditionally gather secular-political elite of Germany

At the first festival songs performed only German singer, but later it began to sing and foreigners.
Since 1908 the festival was headed by the son of the famous composer Siegfried Wagner, who for years of Bayreuth presidency has done a lot in terms of moving scenographic side of things, using in productions special equipment and lighting.

Since 1930, after the death of Siegfried director of the festival becomes his wife Winifred, it performs these functions until 1944, too politicizing the event, which led to the closing of the festival after the fall of fascism.
Yet after much political debate Bayreuth Festival since 1951 resumed activity than did a good present a large army of fans of Richard Wagner.