Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Villepin Pound (Australia)

Villepin-Pound, one of the oldest geological formations on the planet (Australia)

One of the most unique natural attractions in Australia is considered to be crater Villepin-Pound, located in the National Park Flinders. This amazingly beautiful geological formation, according to experts, is one of the oldest on earth.
The area of the crater, which resembles an amphitheater created by nature, equal to nine hectares, with the side of this huge excavation decorated with large pinnacles, which, like the mighty guards of the cup-Pound Villepin, is sacred to the locals. Travel to the best attractions to choose a car Mercedes Viano.

To this place for their rituals Aborigines may get only along a narrow path, laid in the rock mass. Between the rocks and the bottom of the crater can be seen numerous shrubs and trees that adorn the walls of this natural amphitheater.

The name of the crater comes from the unusual shape of the geological formation, because the language of Aboriginal Villepin is a handful, which is going into the plants and animals protected from the difficult conditions of the desert.

Early it was thought that Villepin-Pound formed by volcanic activity, but today, geologists from research disproved this theory and argue that the crater was due to erosion processes. Moreover, rock, located in the central part of the pit, resisted erosion is significantly faster than its edges, which consist of a hardwood.
The highest point is the peak of the crater of St. Mary, located at an altitude of more than a thousand meters above sea level.