Monday, February 9, 2015

Devilish Stones

Devilish Stones in Australia

Devilish stones, or Karl, Karl, as the locals call them - a cluster of large granite boulders. It is located in a small valley, about a hundred kilometers south of Tennant Creek (Australia). Very often, this place is mentioned as one of the most prominent symbols of uninhabited Australian desert. These areas in the country is really very much, because they are virtually useless for a normal life. If you plan to visit this attraction, make interpretation.

Granite rocks shaped by erosion, and there is about a million years ago, at least, these figures lead scientists. Evil of the stones have a diameter of 50 cm to 6 meters. Some boulders bizarre way are balanced on each other, still others are randomly distributed throughout the valley. It may even seem that someone special stones scattered throughout the valley or whether they are the result of floods, when the powerful stream brought them with him. Nevertheless, it happened naturally, boulders appeared due to erosion of the rock

Formation Devil stones began when lava seeped through cracks in the ground and covered a top layer of soil. Later there were tectonic processes, granite began to split into blocks of different sizes. As for the round, it appeared thanks to the efforts of wind and water, which for thousands of years to grind down the rock.

In this region there is significant temperature difference and the difference between day and night temperatures sometimes amounts to several tens of degrees. It has on the stones are very heavy pressure, many boulders under its influence has split into two halves.

Karl-Charles is also a sacred place for the local Aboriginal people, there is even an official law on his defense. If we turn to mythology, the Devil stones - a rainbow snake eggs, which the locals due a large number of traditions.

There is another legend. According to giving, once passed through this area the Devil himself, who scattered red boulders over a vast territory. Aborigines still believe in it and believe that the Devil lives not far from the valley, and even manages its stones.