Sunday, February 22, 2015

Blair Castle

Blair Castle in Scotland (United Kingdom)

Undoubtedly, in the UK there is something to see. But most romantic attractions are the Scottish castles. Fortress, built by the British are very strict, while castles of Scotland graceful and beautiful, more similar to the abode of kings or fairy princesses. One of the most interesting current locks is Blair Castle, which is located near the village of Blair Atholl.

Sometime in Perthshire was the estate owners who had dukes, counts and marquises Atoll. But the famous castle began to build their neighbor, John Comyn, Lord of Badenoch, back in 1269. The fact that he just assumed the part of the territory, as at that time the owner of the land was in the crusade, and began to build the castle. Returned the count was much upset by the neighbor and sent a complaint to King Alexander III, who restored justice, restoring the land on which the castle had already been laid. The owner decided to leave the building, and so far the oldest and most castle tower called Cumming Tower, in honor of the person who engaged in its construction.

Earl did not leave an heir, so after the death of his tenure began to decline. This joyless lock period lasted for two centuries, until the Scottish king James II has not presented this castle Jon Stewart, which is its step-cousin. More than once castle passed from hand to hand. Here guests the highest personages, such as the Queen Mary Stuart, who loved to walk on top of the surrounding area or take part in the hunt. Lived in the castle and the Queen Victoria in 1844, which so impressed Blair that she allowed the column to have its own army.

The castle has 32 rooms, which are still preserved rare paintings, antique furniture, weapons, lace and porcelain. In addition, Blair became famous for his landscape design, which began to pay attention to the XVIII century. Grove of Diana and Hercules Gardens is a local landmark. Diana's Grove - is planned coniferous forest, planted the first trees which even in 1737. It was dedicated to the Roman goddess. Garden of Hercules - a 9 acres of land at the end of the central alley which is a statue of Hercules. Garden decorated with floral friezes, vases and statues. In the midst of fruit trees is a pond. There is a garden and a bridge made in the Chinese style, and a pavilion.

Blair Castle is open to tourists, and in 2002 he received a rating of 5 stars, i.e. was recognized tourist destination class. The owners had thought to find a company selling lamps for tanning and arrange several rooms in the spa, but later this idea was abandoned. This is a beautiful centuries-old building will be interesting to connoisseurs.