Sunday, February 22, 2015

Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle (Ireland)

In the heart of the Irish capital is Dublin Castle, which is about 700 years old was a symbol of British rule in the country, as it houses the governors of the British Crown. Relatively recently, in 1922, he was transferred to the British Irish. His story is interesting and diverse. Normans once built a defensive fortress, which was later converted into a royal residence. This site was hosted and military garrison, and met the Parliament and held hearings.

Now in Dublin Castle held official events, and other days he is ready to take tourists.

At this place once a settlement of the Vikings. Then, on the orders of John Lackland in 1204 began construction of the fortress, which lasted until 1230. As a result, in the south-west of the old city of Dublin there was a grand structure. However, from this building almost nothing left except one tower, and in that there was a superstructure in the XIX century.

In the middle of the XVIII century the castle was rebuilt instead of a powerful defensive structure appeared with gorgeous palace rooms, which affects its wealth and luxury. Visitors will be interesting to look at and the royal chapel, whose appearance and impressive decoration of many, especially more than a hundred pieces made in the form of a human head. In 1999, the library was opened, and the gallery of Alfred Chester Beatty, which contains a wonderful collection of Oriental art.

Most great room - is the Throne Room, the title of which is already understood its purpose. The room is decorated with paintings by Giambattista Bellucci, a renowned artist of the XVIII century. Another interesting room, dedicated to the patron Saint Patrick of Ireland. Its walls are decorated with paintings by Vincenzo Waldrach, which shows scenes of the baptism of the Irish people and the legend of the saint. Lovers of fresh air like a garden, located on the rear platform of the chapel. It is small in size, but impresses with its understated beauty. It is open to visit at any time of the year.

Undoubtedly, Dublin Castle - one of the most interesting sights of the city, so his visit should be included in the compulsory program of the tourist, as this historic building is not just a keeper of history, as a symbol of the former British greatness is inherently connected with the history of the country.