Sunday, February 22, 2015

Castle Westminster

Castle Westminster Architectural Monument of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (Ukraine)

To enjoy the flavor of a medieval castle is not necessary to go to Germany or France. Volyn - a picturesque region of Ukraine, rich in historical monuments. The symbol is the regional center of Lutsk Castle Westminster. In this city, much reminiscent of its glorious history, religious buildings, architectural buildings, parks, cobble streets. Even the street lamps main avenues made ​​in the style of the 19th century and colorful fit into the style of the city.

The official history of the castle begins in the 14th century. Lithuanian Duke Vytautas Liubard woo the local princess, he takes the Orthodox faith and the name of Dmitry. His family nest and the fortress to defend against attacks enemies’ prince built almost half a century. Many buildings of the castle survived.

Form interlocking structures led to the natural topography - triangular wrong. Located at the corners of the tower.

West corner - Main tower or entry. Initially, it was a three-tiered, in the 16th century were built two storey, and in the 17th century - the crowning attic.
South-East corner - Styrovaya tower. Name given by flowing underneath the river Styr. After completions was the four-tier, surrounds the tower on top of the attic.
Northern corner - Vladychya tower. Also consisted of three storeys and was supplemented by another. Its content has been assigned to the lord. The tower is a museum of bells (only one in Ukraine) and exposure lock arsenal.

Defensive walls during its existence modernized several times. With the advent of firearms walled openings krenelyazha, equipped with loopholes and held completion wall height.

Inside the castle was built roundabout (occupied an area of ​​6 hectares), the Episcopal Palace (built in the 19th century), the palace master. Huge basement in case of siege allowed to stock up lots of products. In the house with columns and today hosts exhibitions of private collections.

In the church of St. John the Divine, which is located on the grounds of the castle, rest in peace remains Lutski princes and bishops. Among them find peace in the Ukrainian land-Prince Dmitry Liubard. And it built the castle rises above the city as a symbol of eternal aspirations to greatness of humanity and spirituality.