Saturday, February 14, 2015

Castle in Elsinore

Kronborg Castle in Elsinore


Near the town of Elsinore is Kronborg Castle, which is also called the castle of Hamlet, as it is believed that the actions of the famous play takes place in it. But most likely, it is usually beautiful legend. However, in 1816, in honor of the bicentennial of the death of William Shakespeare, there was first performed his famous play, the main role in which soldiers went to the garrison. This marked the beginning of a new tradition - regularly in the castle marks the play "Hamlet".

On the way to the castle you can admire the sculptures of Ophelia and Hamlet, around which often crowds of tourists, who like to have a souvenir photo with the famous heroes. The castle was built in the shape of a regular rectangle whose corners have small circular tower.

Once this place was a fortress Krogh, built by King Eric of Pomerania in 1420's. It is thanks to her ruler could collect fees from ships, which sought to leave the Baltic Sea. Then the fortress was small - a few buildings around which was built the wall.

But a little later, in 1585, King Frederick II undertook to rebuild the castle, and made it, erecting one of the most majestic castle which there was no competition in Europe. Then the castle got its name and - Kronborg. The royal family is not avoided locking attention, but it lasted only until the eighteenth century. Then the visits became less and less, and from 1739 until the mid-nineteenth century was Kronsborg prison. There were not only ordinary prisoners, but also the first person in the country. The most famous prisoner was the Carolina Matilda of Wales, who was the wife of Christian VII, and stayed in detention for about 3 months. Later, until 1924, the castle was given to the Danish military.

Now it is a major tourist center, which each year is not less than two hundred thousand people? Anyone can walk along the ramparts or multiple rooms, explore the royal apartments and even underground dungeons. Now these walls (since 1915) located the Danish Maritime Museum, where you can learn about the history of the Danish fleet.

Associated with locks curious legend. Many believe that in the cellars of the castle lies dormant Holger Danish king. It cannot be awakened. But if something goes something that will threaten the security of the country, its founder, took a sword and rushed to defend.

Kronborg is considered one of the most famous castles in Denmark, where every tourist will find for themselves something interesting. If you would like to visit this landmark, formerly a reservation help to save on travel.