Saturday, February 14, 2015

Copenhagen City Hall

Copenhagen City Hall


The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen - very old, but it is also a modern city. Some of its buildings were silent witnesses of important historical events, and some steel decoration of the city recently, but nonetheless impressive tourists with its grandeur and splendor.

These architectural monuments include, for example, Copenhagen City Hall, made in 1905 by Martin project. It was decided to create a building that resembles the Palazzo Pubblico, town hall of Siena. However, required not just a copy, but a structure that naturally looked at other buildings of the Danish capital.

The town hall is made of bright red brick. It looks majestic and solemn. The main facade is decorated with gilded sculpture - a statue of Bishop Absalon, who is revered by locals as the city's founder. The impressive 106-meter tower, breaking the 300 steps which you can climb to the top and look at this great height the city in all its splendor. Houses that seem quite tiny coast with quiet creeks and small shops, boats bobbing on the waves...

Speaking about the Copenhagen City Hall, not to mention the famous clock located in this building. In fact, there 2:00, some of which can be seen on the tower, but nothing special about them. But the second clock, also known as the Astronomical Clock Jens Olsen, famous all over the world. They are located in the inner rooms of City Hall. Collected a great master of 15 thousand pieces, they were launched in 1955. They can be called the most accurate timepieces since their error of not more than 0.4 seconds for three hundred years. These clocks show not only time but also the date. On them you can learn many interesting things, such as when the sun goes down or rise, as well as the length of day and night, the phases of the moon, see the map of the starry sky over Denmark, to get information about how much is left to the most important Christian holiday, and others.

City Hall is open to tourists, but it is here held council meetings, various celebrations, arranged exhibitions and conduct the wedding ceremony.

Copenhagen City Hall - the newest architectural monuments, which, however, attracted the attention of millions of tourists. They can admire not only the building itself, but also offers a magnificent view from its tower, as well as witness the famous clock, made Denmark famous all over the world.