Friday, February 13, 2015

Castle of Good Hope

Castle of Good Hope

(The Oldest brick Building in South Africa)

The oldest brick building in South Africa is the Castle of Good Hope, which was erected in 1679. Initially, this fortified building, made in the form of a five-pointed star was used as the residence of the governor, but with the expansion of the fortress is to protect the local population. As residents of the castle often provide groceries ships that appeared in these places.

The Citadel was well fortified walls, their height reached ten meters. A small garrison, which was stationed in the castle of Good Hope, armed with firearms had small arms and cannon.

But the power of the fortress walls of this African outpost in its history of existence and have not been tested, it does not commit an armed attack. As the years passed, the strategic objectives of the castle changed over time there was a monastery, later church and administrative buildings.

To date, one of the castle has the National Museum of Military History, which first opened its doors in 1936, is located in the other South African army military headquarters, so access to these rooms is limited.

Castle of Good Hope is part of many tours of Africa, it is a favorite attraction travelers with many corners of our planet. The popularity of these places can be easily explained - because penguins in Africa can only be seen in this region.

Meet the tourists the main gate of the fortress, leading to the courtyard, where you can see beautiful buildings with balconies, which at one time was used here as the oratorical rostrum. Visitors can also see the old dungeons, storerooms castle and models of weapons at the time.