Saturday, February 14, 2015

Natural Wonder of Africa

Ruacana Falls

(Natural Wonder of Africa"Angola")

In the south-western part of the African continent is almost on the border between Angola and Namibia is amazing beautiful waterfall sleeve. This bright natural interest in Africa is named after the city where the main source of fall - River Kunena.

Dimensions falls largely depend on the season, while the width of the spill this miracle of nature is equal to seven hundred meters, and the height of the falling water flow reaches one hundred and twenty-four meters. At the top of the waterfall the water is very clean and clear, but falling from a height into the pond, located at the base of the sleeve, the water becomes dirty, this phenomenon contributes to the peculiarities of the local soil.

Imagination is not only shocking tourists lumbering mass of the falling water, and picturesque scenery of the African savannah, which surround the waterfall. Almost as beautiful panorama can be seen on holiday.

Recently a man of his activity has a negative impact on this wonderful creation of nature, as hydroelectric stations upstream, significantly reduces the flow of water, especially in arid it affects a time when instead of a powerful stream flows Ruacana several small streams.

By the waterfall exciting excursions, which are attended by tourists from all over the world. As a rule, guided tour, to make it even more complete and informative, includes a visit to the Himba tribe, whose residents to our time living in squalid huts made of wood and mud, and deify the sacred fire.