Saturday, February 14, 2015

Highest Waterfall in the World

Tugela Falls

(The second Highest Waterfall in the World)

Bright natural attraction of the Royal National Park, located in South Africa in the province of Natal, is the Tugela Falls, which includes five independent streams, with their total height is nine hundred forty-seven meters.

The most full-flowing waterfall becomes after heavy rains, during this period, it is best to enjoy its spectacular scenery. It should be noted that the water in the waterfall is very clean, its quiet drink park visitors, quench their thirst.

Fabulously beautiful waterfall Tugela and in the winter, when the interruption is covered by a layer of snow. Almost all the routes in the park complex lead to the top of the waterfall, which offers a wonderful panorama, created five flowing streams. Named waterfall, ranks second in the world in height flowing streams, in honor of the Tugela River, which translated from the Zulu language meaning "sudden." If you would like to visit this landmark, corporate tours help to do it with maximum comfort.

Waterfall surrounded by cliffs and river valleys, forested, here tourists have an excellent opportunity to make a fascinating journey on foot or bike on mountain trails. Will not be bored in this area fans canoeing, mountain climbers and fishermen, because each of them will be interesting time here.

Every year the waterfall come tens of thousands of travelers from all over the world, not only to admire the beauty of African nature, but also to test yourself on agility and endurance, because overcoming the local routes are not so simple.