Monday, February 16, 2015

Celebration in Oaxaca

Gelagetsa - an annual celebration that takes place in the Mexican town of Oaxaca. Visitors of the event waiting dancing in traditional Mexican costumes, ethnic music, local food and, of course, many exclusive alcoholic beverages. It is worth noting that the state of Oaxaca is the only place in all of Mexico, where they can cook a special kind of tequila.
The culmination of the festival Gelagetsa - is the choice of the Queen of the evening. On this honorary title can claim any woman, but winning only one that knows the culture, customs, traditions and history of Oaxaca best.
Celebrate "Monday on the hill" Mexicans began during the time when the land of Mexico untouched by the Spanish conquistador. The ancestors of Mexicans organized solemn celebrations in honor of the goddess of corn Centeotl. However, the modern look of the festival Gelagetsa acquired only in 1932, when the city celebrated its Oakaha 400th anniversary.
Since then, the celebration Gelagetsa became a national tradition, and every year on June 16, the entire city and even people from neighboring villages gather at the joyful celebration. Specially for the festival Gelagetsa in the amphitheater was built.
Today the festival Gelagetsa involved not only the inhabitants of the city of Oaxaca, but also many tourists who are willing to go to the other end of the world to become part of this great celebration. However, not all happy to take tourists, some Mexicans are not happy with the fact that the ancient festival loses its primordial atmosphere and converted into a commercial show.