Monday, February 16, 2015

Twins Festival

Days Twins Festival in Twinsburg Twins

(United States)

"Days of twins" (Twins Days) - an annual festival held every August in the suburb of Twinsburg (Twinsburg), Ohio, USA. This is one of the biggest festivals of twins in the world, every year it is visited by about 3,000 twins. At the festival are many recreational activities - golf tournament, parade of twins, a talent show competition Twins and more.
"The days of the twins'first took place in 1976. Then came to the festival only 37 pairs of twins. Festival every year becoming more numerous, until eventually became one of the largest in the world. Thousands of twins, twins, doubles their families converge in Twinsburg each year.
Twinsburg is named in honor of a pair of identical twins, named Moses and Aaron Wilcox. In 1819, they gave the city six acres of land for the town square and took to build a primary school, if the residents agree to change the name of the city on the way Tvinsburg.Takim Millsvil (Millsville) became Twinsburg.
Moses and Aaron Wilcox, according to the testimony, were so identical that only the closest friends could tell them apart. They were business partners throughout life. They did not share the property, married sisters, they had the same number of children, they get sick the same fatal disease, and both died within a few hours. They are buried in the same grave in the cemetery of Locust Grove Cemetery Twinsburg.
Twins are of great interest to scientists. Here for 2-3 days of the festival, researchers sometimes get information so that under normal conditions over the years do not gather. No wonder the organizers of the festival established the position of Director of Scientific Affairs. They became a worthy representative of the tribe twins Donald Keith, founded in Chicago, along with his twin brother, a professor of gynecology at the University of North-Western Luis Keith Center for the Study of multiple births.
The tradition of festivals twins strengthened so that the authorities are planning to build Twinsburg in the Museum of twins.