Saturday, February 21, 2015

Championship Swimming

Championship Swimming in the Swamp (UK)

Diving in the swamp - a sporting event, in which participants have to swim two water-filled trenches, cutting off the way through the peat bog. As with any competition, the winner is the one who will be able to reach the finish line first.

Before the start of the swim, all participants must wear a snorkel and fins. Most swimmers tend to bring with them wetsuits, although their use is not mandatory.

The tradition of championship diving into the swamp began in 1985. Now every year in August, several dozen participants gather at the peat bog Waen Rhydd (Wales) and sent in pursuit of victory.

The world record in this unusual sporting event keeps Andrew Hollms. He was able to cover the distance of 110 meters long in just 84 seconds. Among women, champion is 18-year-old Dineka Maguire, who swam the distance in 87 seconds. The fairer sex does not have quite a bit to beat the men's record.

It should be noted that the competition for diving into the swamp are not only in Great Britain, but also in Sweden and in Australia. Swamp is also becoming a major obstacle in a number of similar events (or marsh triathlon championship bike ride through the swamp).