Saturday, February 21, 2015

Championship Wearing Wives

Championship Wearing Wives (Finland)

Championship wearing wives - a fun sporting event, where participants run a race with each other, carrying his teammates on their backs. The aim of the competition - as soon as possible to carry through their wives prepared obstacles.

Wives are allowed to carry a variety of ways: riding on himself, over his shoulder, or as so-called "Estonian" style when women are upside down in front of him. Also, couples are encouraged to create and invent your own style.

This type of sporting event was first held in the Finnish city Soknayarvi in ​​1995. Since then, the championship has become a traditional women wear in different parts of the world, including the United States and Hong Kong.

Interestingly, the name"championship wearing wives" no more than the usual formality, because in fact the partner of a competitor is not obliged to be his lawful wife. Restrictions apply only to the age of the participants (over 17 years) and its weight (not less than 49 kilograms). If the woman is still weighs less than 49 pounds, then it is usually mesh backpack, which helps to achieve the desired "weight class".

With regard to the history of the emergence of the holiday, the legend reads. In the XIX century in Finnish forests hunted a gang of robbers led by Herkko Rosvo-Ronkainen. Guys love to lounge around in the markets local villages, gradually filling the pockets that is bad. When once Nerkko and his accomplices have caught, they received more radically - grabbed food and women and set off into the woods. Naturally, with such a "heavy" baggage they could not escape far. In modern times, this banal to tears, but funny story got a second life in the guise championship wearing wives.

Today at the event come to see up to 7 thousand people.