Saturday, February 21, 2015

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Spring Festival

To the most important and lasting holiday - New Year in China very seriously. Signal the beginning of the celebration are bright and colorful fireworks, which the Chinese have high expectations, because they are attracted to the house of happiness and peace, breaking up before all the evil spirits. After the 1911 New Year's literally called the Spring Festival (Chunjie).

Cast in the New Year's Eve all evil with the help of strong noise and crackling in China began in the XIV century, as well as fireworks and firecrackers was not there, people were thrown into the oven bamboo sticks that during combustion published loud crackling.

In the land of the rising sun firmly believe in the same way that you can scare away evil spirits with a red color, so the New Year in every home it's hard not to notice the predominance of red tones, even the money that give children on holiday, try handing in red envelopes.

Traditionally, the holiday’s door lintel decorated with five long strips of paper that have to bring to the house of longevity, happiness, luck, wealth and honor.

Chinese New Year's Eve is considered the most important moment of the year, so for them it is very important to gather at the festive table with the whole family. Among the huge abundance of holiday treats will certainly be present dishes from tofu, chicken and, of course, fish.

The first five days of the New Year, or Spring Festival, as it is like to call in China, people visit relatives, friends, co-workers, while giving those gifts. Linger at home, as a rule, these days no one wants, because the streets are constantly held fun fairs, noisy festivities, where you can dance in the costume of a dragon or participate in the rooms on stilts.

Completion Merry Christmas festivities, which last fifteen days, comes after the Lantern Festival.

The history of this festival, which is informally also called "lunar new year" has for many centuries. It does not have the exact date, because it is calculated from the Far East lunar-solar calendar (about this may be one of the days during the period from 21 January to 21 February).

Chinese New Year - it is a manifestation of great respect for the traditions, myths and beliefs.