Saturday, February 21, 2015

Festival of Hindus

Rath Yatra Sacred Festival of Hindus(India)

Wooden sculpture Jagannath, who is one of the incarnations of Krishna, as well as the protagonist Ratha Yatra is fraught with mysterious sacred object. According to the legends of the Hindus, the object is the remains of Krishna.

Wooden sculpture, staying in a humid climate, and subjected to the negative impact created by the environment, gradually deteriorates. For this reason, once a decade, made a new wooden sculpture, which is transferred and mysterious object.

The person performing the rite of transfer of the remains of the so-called Krishna, to be blindfolded and his hands are wrapped with a cloth. Indians noticed that the perpetrator of this rite lives after not more than a year, so this honorable mission given to the priests, who crossed the line of ninety.

During the Ratha Yatra sculpture Jagannath carried out of the cathedral, setting it on a giant chariot to make a trip to the temple, located in the neighborhood. In order to bring a huge chariot in motion requires a lot of effort, so it moves the whole crowd of people.

The population of a small Indian town of Puri, where about two hundred thousand people during the holiday increases up to a million.

During the solemn procession each of Hindus seeking to touch the sacred wagon, because this action is equivalent to commit several good deeds. Not surprisingly, that has created an incredible jam where to get under the chariot everyone can. The opportunity to die in the crush is not very much and scare the Indians, because these dead expects Vaikuntha, which guarantees eternal bliss. People pulling the chariot over the ropes, to forgive sins for the whole year.