Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sankei-en Garden

Sankei-en Garden Colorful Familiarity with Centenary History (Japan)

The most comfortable and quiet place in Yokohama considered Sankei-en Garden, which is about one hundred and eighty square kilometers. For the fact that today everyone can enjoy not one of historic buildings located in the garden, you should thank the wealthy merchant Sankei Hara - the creator of this wonderful place.

Beautiful landscaped park, a monument of Japanese culture has long celebrated its centenary. Despite his advanced age, he continues to amaze clean ponds, beautiful trails and a variety of colors.

In late summer, the park fills amazing fragrance blooming lotus, from which it is simply impossible to look away.

Never goes unnoticed by visitors Sankei-en Garden and the old three-tiered pagoda, who settled in this area in the XVI century. Seeing this ancient structure, be sure to have a desire to rise to her steep steps carved into the earth.

In addition to the pagoda in the park you can see a lot of interesting buildings, among which it is worth noting medieval farmhouse - silent narrator of the life of ordinary people, a tea house Tesyukaku, villa Tokugawa Rinsyunkaku - famous shogun.

Sankei-en Park is beautiful any time of year: winter, tourists can admire not only the beautiful snow white and powdered, and plum blossoms, spring - cherry blossoms and azaleas in the summer - beautiful irises, but the autumn - colorful chrysanthemums and Japanese maples, which at this time blaze a variety of colors.