Saturday, February 21, 2015

Fair in Pushkar

Thousands of trader’s camels walked along a small Indian town, participating in a weeklong festival of sale and exchange of animals.

Traditional fair is held annually in the city of Pushkar is one of the largest marketplaces to buy or exchange camels.

The festival, which begins today, will have to bring together about 20 thousand camels, which is now the site of action are shepherds. Horses and cattle will also attend the fair, which, according to the organizers, attracts more than 200,000 visitors from all over the world.

In a series of everyday city Pushkar - a place of pilgrimage, but only comes Kartik Purnima festival (full moon day), the usual Indian city turns into a festival of colors and entertainment. By Reva camels hundreds or even thousands of Hindus go on recruiting bathing in the sacred waters of local lakes, to atone for their sins. Two for polnulya have a vision the people of India are the most favorable and most prone to those who redeemed at this time in the holy water of the lakes.

By the way, fair in Pushkar includes not only traditional trading camels, but also many other interesting activities, namely distillation and even camel camel beauty contests, as ironic as it may sound. And where do without Indian meryanie mustache, which take place at the fair and animals.