Saturday, February 21, 2015


Christmas in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, as well as any other Catholic country, Christmas - a long-awaited holiday, which turns into a whole extravaganza. The streets here are sparkling lights, and people - smiles. Those who decided to spend the Christmas holidays in Czech, it would be useful to know how celebrate Christmas in this country, but rather in her heart - Prague.

Christmas Eve ascetic Prague just do not know: everything begins to shine with bright colors. On the areas set fancy eating, streets begin to shine colorful lights, and the owners of cafes and restaurants compete with each other in the original design of their establishments. Walking through the streets of Prague, it seems that you come to the exhibition of Christmas decorations and Christmas trees that cute look out of the windows of houses and apartments, give a unique and homely atmosphere

Gift - it is one of the most important and at the same time one of the most difficult elements of Christmas, because it should come as no surprise hit or cause ray sincere smile on his face. When it comes to choosing a gift in Prague, you will likely need to buy things that symbolize the city that you or your loved ones forever remain fond memories of this trip. Alternatively, you can suggest the following things: proprietary puppet beer cosmetics, absinthe, Bohemian glass dishes, etc. With the purchase of gifts problems should arise, because on Christmas Eve and directly, in most Christmas days Wenceslas and Old Town Square crammed with gift shops.

Of course, fundamentally wrong in asserting that Christmas is not worth visiting attractions. For example, a lot of good memories will leave you visit the Charles Bridge, and festive Mass at the Cathedral of St. Vitus remembered for a lifetime.

Another important question - is the right choice of Christmas food and drinks, because the Czech Christmas traditions Czech unthinkable without. Among the traditional dishes can be isolated from carp soup and wine sausage, which is used in the production of beef, pork and white wine. For dessert in the Czech Republic to serve honey cakes, nut cookies with rum, vanilla bagels and other sweets. Drink all of these goodies you can punch or Christmas mead.

Christmas in the Czech Republic is now for you is no longer a mystery. After reading the article, you learned that the drink, eat and give over this fabulous holiday. We wish you a Merry Christmas to carry out successfully in one of the most amazing cities in the world - Prague!