Saturday, February 21, 2015

Festival tomorrow land

Festival Tomorrow land Sweet Dream Clubber(Belgium)

An important cultural event in modern Europe is a music festival Tomorrow land, which is traditionally held in Antwerp, Belgium. Here come the world's best musicians representing such genres as dub step, trance, house, techno and many other electronic dance styles.

Festival Tomorrow land is one of the largest in the world, he passes in the last week of July. The history of this musical party of European importance originated relatively recently, in 2005. Then Tomorrow land lasted one day, it has gathered more than ten thousand fans of different musical styles.

The success of the festival did not go unnoticed by the organizers immediately increased area of ​​Tomorrow land, as well as its duration. Music festival of electronic music began to pass for three days.

The results did not take long to wait, in 2007 the festival has arrived more than fifty music fans from all over the world, they like a magnet that attracts high level performers here, as well as a fantastic festive atmosphere.

But this figure is not a record, because in 2012, this music festival came to 180 thousand visitors. During the tomorrow land there just crazy hype about tickets, because it is the place where top DJs actually going to the world level.

Striking landmark festival tomorrow land considered unique memorable scenery is the perfect backdrop for the music.