Saturday, February 21, 2015

Luxury Safari Hotel

Luxury Safari Hotel Lion Sands Game Reserve (South Africa)

A modern hotel business has long since reached the point where customers are attracted not only excellent service and comfortable accommodation, as some unusual feature of the hotel. A striking proof of this is private hotel "Lion Sands Game Reserve", located right in the middle of the South African nature reserve near Cape Town.

There are all conditions to leave somewhere behind all your worries and immerse themselves in communion with pristine nature. To accommodate visitors a choice of five individual villas, a spa with pool and gym, and even three small tree house, which will remind you of carefree childhood. Each seating area is located in a secluded retreat, allowing guests to relax and disconnect from the bustle of crowded and accompanying them in the big cities.

Despite the original location, the living conditions in each of these rooms meet the high requirements of even the most demanding customers: here are organized all the usual amenities, ranging from hot water and finishing with luxurious furniture and snow-white bed. Same quality service so that it seems as if clean towels and delicious food appear on their own, without disturbing your peace. Each room - as if a separate little world, from whose windows you can watch the untouched jungle of the hottest continent

The main advantage of the hotel "Lion Sands Game Reserve" is its incredible integration into the environment, which allows guests to watch the wild African animals literally from the terraces of the hotel rooms. Sitting in a comfortable chair and sipping fragrant herbal tea, you can smoothly and danger to himself to see graceful giraffes, elephants sluggish, huge hippos and even majestic lions in their natural habitat.

Also, the hotel has a great opportunity to book one of the tours offered to the local national parks and take part in a real African safari, vivid impressions which will remain in memory for a lifetime.