Sunday, February 15, 2015

Competition (Thailand)

Competition Songbirds the Passions against the backdrop of Bird Voices (Thailand)

In Thailand prohibited from gambling, but the people of this country have found another place races. March 23 in the southern Thai province held an annual competition songbirds. In these photos you can see how to set out on huge poles birdcage birds compete with each other and their owners. While birds tend to show their singing talent, people competing for a considerable monetary reward.
Before the competition birds are beautifully decorated bamboo cages, but the signal cells with chicks immediately cling to a height of about three meters. It is noteworthy that in the holiday bird singing involves not only the Thai people, but also many other bird owners with Singapore and Malaysia. As for the birds, to the competition allowed only representatives of the same species, which Thais call "nok bai lot".
On the eve of the contest host long runs with chick, accustoming him to his voice. Sounds from the mouth of the host elicits singing chick, which at the time listen carefully arbitrators.
Judges evaluate the birdsong on many criteria, including pitch, melody and beauty of voice. Winner receives an award of one million baht, which is equivalent to 18 thousand dollars.
Atmospheric show attracts not only the participants but also many tourists who are not averse to enjoy the wonderful birdsong. Throughout the competition people enthusiastically waving their arms, rooting for his chick-favorite.