Sunday, February 15, 2015

Festival of Colors (India)

Festival of Colors Bright Spring Meeting


Spring for many people is a symbol of the rebirth of life, therefore, as a rule, she is met by joyful occasions. This event is quite extraordinary approached inhabitants of India, who for many years in late February or early March arrange festival of colors, which in two days gives all residents and visitors to the country an unforgettable experience.
At nightfall, the first day of the festival, people are obliged to make a fire, symbolizing the destruction of Holi - the representative of the evil forces, which in India many legends.
On the second day the fun begins. People, regardless of age and social status, the fun begins to sprinkle themselves and each other medicinal herbs powder, which they claim are saving them from many ailments.
Favorite pastime at this festival for young people are dancing, during which the young man, distracting girl in any way, it should throw colored water or smeared with colored powder. After that, the offended girl requires forgiveness that is the guy picked up her earlobe. Forgive his "offender", it also his colored powder.
At the end of the festival decided to invite family and friends to visit for so-called continuation of the evening celebration.
Festival of colors is held under the musical accompaniment of traditional Indian instruments that simply cannot affect positively on the mood of holiday-makers. However, it is the mood will largely depend on the number of adopted drink "Tandau", which is prepared for a special recipe with the addition of small amounts of marijuana.