Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ghosts Festival

Phi Ta Khon Ghosts Festival


One of the most exciting and unique festivals in Thailand is Phi Ta Khon, the name of which in Russian means "festival of ghosts." Fun event, combines elements of animist and Buddhist beliefs, held annually for three days in the period from March to June.
Festival participants Pee Ta Khon can be found on scary masks and bizarre costumes, all solemn garb they prepare yourself. Once at the end of the festival all made their dried rice husk masks rushed into the river, but now the Thais do not throw them away, and used as decorative ornaments. Another indispensable accessory participants of this event are the bells that make noise during the so-called "rain dance".
The first day of the festival called Van Ruam. In the so-called "day of the meeting," the locals dress up in costumes eccentric acquiring similarity hideous specters.
On the second day of the celebration, which is called Bun Bang Fai, the air launched missiles, which, according to the beliefs of the Thais, should attract the rain in the rainy season. Gala rocket flight is accompanied by music, songs and traditional dances.
At the end of the festival Pee Ta Khon Thais gather at the local temple Wat Ponchaev where listen to 13 sermons of the Buddha. This year's festival will be held July 28-30, so do not miss this merriment, bound everlasting traditions and religious beliefs.