Sunday, February 15, 2015

Brutal Boxing People Hausa

Debe Brutal Boxing People Hausa


Box called Dembe (Dembe) engaged young people Africans House (Hausa) in West Africa - mostly Nigeria and Chad. There is also a more civilized version of the sport called Kokava (Kokawa), distributed in more than fifteen countries in Africa, but the rules in it are very different from Debe. If Kokava more like a Japanese sumo wrestler, the Debe - almost pure boxing with a much more severe rules.
Dembe is considered the most lethal kind of boxing, which is not surprising, because the lack of soft boxing gloves greatly increases the possibility of deep knockout, and a kick to the head may send a second opponent to the hereafter. What often happens? However, officially declare the number killed in Nigerian rings, no one can, because their view of the extremely difficult due to the fact that the Debe - underground boxing fights occur spontaneously chaotic and representatives of the National Boxing League nobody invites.
All special equipment boxers - a cord wound on his right fist. They say that some applied on top of the glue and sprinkle sand or ground glass, but this information is unconfirmed and most likely taken from Hollywood movies. Although it is possible that amateur fights somewhere in the outback can actually carried out by tightening the rules. But we are talking about the championship by Debe, which attracts fans of boxing from all over Nigeria and Chad, and in this tournament at least some, but there are rules. The winner is awarded a valuable prize of one hundred dollars and a TV. Sum though small, but when you consider that the average Nigerian family spends a week on food and a half dollar, a hundred dollars for it - this state.
A few words about the rules of boxing. Despite the fact that there are no weight classes, selected opponents yet approximately the same height and weight. However, only in the qualifying battle in the finals contenders can meet very different for these parameters. Fight lasts three rounds, it is unlimited in time. Round can stop for three reasons - at the request of a fighter or his representatives, in the absence of action in the ring and if the boxer touched his knee, hand or body to the ground.
The latter is assumed to defeat an opponent. The fighting continued until complete victory. As I mentioned, you can not only beat his fists, and feet. Since quite painful blows, the fighters before the meeting consume drugs, which significantly reduces the pain threshold.