Sunday, February 15, 2015

Dancing with the Bulls

"Savik" Dancing with the Bulls


Nobody remembers when this kind of "sport" was invented, but we know for sure that from time immemorial, it is used as a rite of passage into adulthood of young men from the people betsileo.
This does not restrict the use of "Sawicki" in a more prosaic events - weddings, baptisms or just a great holiday. In such cases, the "dance" with the bull can be anyone, and all passed the ordeal are well respected in the community as people to prove their masculinity.
In addition to respect, in some cases the participants a kind of "Rodeo" rewarded commonplace money signs that in the heat of passion thrown on the "dance floor" spectators. Bulls may unknowingly trample money in the ground, where they then have, but anything can do for extra stuff in your pocket, especially if it's empty.
Another feature that is widely used in "Savic" - is the impact on the weaker sex. It is believed that single men can easily conquer the lady bull in her mind, because women are so fond of bold and daring!
In games "Savik" that Madagascar popularity of any sport, inclusive football and boxing, except the person participates kind of bull - zebu. He still found in Africa and India, and the external data is no different from its "normal" cousins, except for the hump on his back. This hump and used to hold the body of a bull. 

Begins "Savik" with bulls. Guys with sticks running from wall to wall, trying to hit the zebu, from which they come into a rage and slightly lose their orientation. At this time, the potential "riders" serving special drink liqueurs, "strengthen the spirit and the courage to step-up", and then they are ready for a meeting with the evil and stimulated by zebu.
Approximation to it threatens serious injuries, which often happens, but the tradition has lived and will live in spite of all the laws of self-preservation on the famous reasons. By the way - if anyone can suffer during the "dance", it is not a bull, Madagascans are particularly proud of this fact, indicating that they are not any there Spaniards killing animals under a standing ovation (the island of Madagascar in loyalty to the bulls do not alone - the Portuguese also respected tradition bloodless ).
Actually, killing Zebu "for fun" Madagascar - this event is absolutely incredible because bulls is the most valuable, that only may be a local resident, even better than the cost of a house or a car.