Sunday, February 15, 2015

Darwin Beer Can Regatta

Darwin Beer Can Regatta beer cans


Regatta under the name Darwin Beer Can Regatta (Regatta beer cans in Darwin) - an event that is held annually since 1974 at the Mindil Beach in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.
Participants create boats using empty beer cans, cans of drinks, including soft drinks and milk cartons.
Court not tested for seaworthiness before the start of the regatta, and those that are falling apart, barely hitting the water, are part of the entertainment program of the day.
On this day, in addition to the race, there are many other interesting events, including concerts, various humorous contests, competitions and more.
Darwin Beer Can Regatta is the brainchild Franfilda Lutz and Paul Rice-Chapman, they both worked in the tourism association Darwin Regional Tourism Promotion Association.

While Paul arranged festivals under the patronage of breweries, with rafts of empty beer cans, Lutz took the idea one step further and added a motor vessels.
The event promotes the development of tourism in the Northern Territory and raise funds for charitable purposes.