Sunday, February 15, 2015

Safari with Crocodiles

Safari with Crocodiles


1. Saltwater crocodiles are probably the most terrifyingly efficient killing machine. Finding beside them fraught with dire consequences, but in the Northern Territory of Australia, they have become a major tourist attraction. And as you can see from this picture, where the crocodile jumps out of the water at an incredible height, visitors may be very close to the sharp-toothed monsters.

Cruises with crocodile near Darwin, the tropical capital of the Northern Territory, are just one of the options contact with these animals. You can get to know them even closer, taking part in feeding or swim in the pool, the crocodile-infested.
Within an hour's drive from Darwin to Adelaide River is located along which runs a large number of cruise ships. All they earn on safari with crocodiles. Pets are jumping out of the water to catch the food that is offered to them from boats.

At the sides of boats hang pieces of meat, and the real fear is seeing how prudently huge animals rush him.

Needless to say, waving his arms outside of the boat is not recommended.
Crocodiles are grown in the Northern Territory for their meat and skins - the latter is transformed into luxury handbags, shoes and belts. Crocodiles Park on the outskirts of Darwin is one of those farms where pools teeming with hundreds of crocodiles. Most tourists come to see the feeding. Employees farm meat thrown down, crocodiles looking at him with an ominous calm, a moment to jump with lightning speed. Jaws snap shut with a sound as if locked oak door.
Pohrabree Tourists can take part in feeding the green monsters. Employees of the farm are always located close to avoid any surprises from the crocodiles. Feeding reminds fishing - man lifts up a stick with meat and crocodiles jump to get food. 
In Crocodiles Park invented diving reptiles - the equivalent of the same entertainment with great white sharks. "Cell death" with the diver descends to the pool, where there are three giant. Man is protected only transparent acrylic sheets.
Being in the same pond with huge 700-kilogram predators promotes the release of a considerable portion of adrenaline in the blood, despite security guarantees. Most of the time crocodiles ignore swimmer, but their mood instantly changes, they can surround the cell and start the attack.