Sunday, February 15, 2015

Festival Sydney Show

Festival Vivid Sydney Show Music, Light and Creative Ideas

Sydney - the city in which ever party atmosphere and fun. This is proof of the festival Vivid Sydney, which proudly holds the title of the largest musical light show throughout the Southern Hemisphere. Unique art show, art, music and creativity allows all participants to show and develop their talents.
We cannot tell the annual music festival Luminous, which takes place in May and June. Installation in the form of ships, public performances and wonderful musical productions - that's what this holiday is associated. Headlining the festival every time become world famous singers who have achieved popularity in Australia.
Smart Light Sydney - is another performers, which integrally combines all the creative people of Sydney. For those who want to fully enjoy the holiday spirit, offers a fascinating tour along the 26 unique light sculptures.
If you want to get acquainted with the creative people of Sydney, then look for them at the festival Sreative Sydney. For people who want to express their opinion on some current issues Museum of Modern Art has prepared a provocative discussion programs.
Firewater - is not just a holiday, and most that have time travel. The festival organizers offer participants be transported back in 1814, when the ship Three Bees turned to ashes, and with it the prisoners on board. People at Firewater try dishes, drink, have fun and just enjoy life.