Sunday, February 15, 2015

Love of Freedom

Citrus Fights a Manifestation of the Love of Freedom


Orange lovers should definitely visit the northern Italian city where the annual carnival cheerful titled "Citrus fights", which is dedicated to not only the beginning of spring, but also symbolizes the freedom of local residents.
Assignment of participants who previously divided into two groups, is throwing oranges at each other, but one representing the Royal Guard, should be dressed in traditional costumes and be in a chariot drawn by horses, but the other problem - to represent hiking rivals. 
In this way people try to remind everyone of ill confrontation that occurred in the middle Ages between the citizens and the royal army. Take to the streets in protest of ordinary citizens caused violent behavior with respect to the ruler of his people.
Unlike those old events at the festival today will not be able to see crossbows or swords instead of guns people use oranges. Upon completion of the "battles" all participants friendly shake hands with each other and then, together, continue to parade. Throughout the holiday residents of the city played an interesting, and most importantly - edifying spectacle.
The culmination of the carnival is burning high straw poll. During this action, special attention is drawn to the flame of the fire, because people honestly believe that it was from the flames rising up will depend on their well-being in the next year, so the higher the fire rises, the more fun it becomes public.