Saturday, February 14, 2015

"Lion's Head"

Jousting Tournaments in the Castle "Lion's Head"

In a cozy valley village Sukkah, which is located not far from Anapa, rises majestically castle, having the name "Lion's Head". This facility specially built for medieval tournaments, as many in our time are interested in a mysterious era of knights, beautiful ladies and barbaric customs.
Travelers gladly want to plunge into the mysterious atmosphere of the past, at least for a time to feel like a resident of a medieval castle. Everyone can try their hand at this joust, which can devote his ladylove.
Master "lion's head" is always happy guests, stands waiting for the audience, and skilled dancers are ready to demonstrate the exotic rooms.
Access to this amazing castle, which is an important cultural landmark of the region, you can walk, overcome the forest road, filled with the atmosphere of those ancient times. Manytourists are simply mesmerizing offers magnificent views of the castle with battlements and latticed gate.
This powerful bastion finally brings visitors into the middle Ages. The seats, of which there are about one thousand four hundred differ excellent visibility, while rain and sun protecting their big tent.
At the end of a knight's tournament, as befits a tradition in honor of the winners arranged a feast, where rise the cups for the ladies hearts. Huge stone walls, blazing hearth, where fried game, massive tables and benches, as well as funny musicians provide you with a memorable holiday.