Saturday, February 14, 2015

Deepest Canyons of the World

The leader among the Deepest Canyons of the World


For a long time the valley of the river Colca, little was known. This is virtually unstudied area of ​​Peru a legend, so as it does not only called Valley of Wonders, Fire, and even the Inca Territory Orlov. Yet fame and glory brought to this place Colca Canyon, is the deepest in the world, slowness of about one hundred kilometers. He gives even the Grand Canyon, although the North American counterpart boasts vertical walls.
Speaking about the sights of this canyon is difficult to determine the championship, as some prefer located here active and extinct volcanoes, attracts attention as other mountain river, attracting the interest of its waters is not as exciting legend that supposedly is the place our feeds Earth energy.
Charming places and ancient legends, like a magnet attracts tourists, who have long been the main source of income. However, no matter what the locals do not cease to be called a canyon granary, because since ancient times here, despite the mountainous terrain and the presence of active volcanoes, engaged in the cultivation of crops.
For recreation in these areas could be lots of options: rafting, cycling, and hiking in the mountains. No less fun you can get by watching soaring condor. This handsome, is the national pride of Peru, feels among these rocks present owner.
As the deepest canyon, Colca since 1984 listed as the Guinness World Records.