Friday, February 20, 2015

Gate Bab Zuweila

Gate Bab Zuweila (Particle Fascinating History of Egypt)

In recent decades, Cairo has become a huge metropolis, which is very popular with travelers from many corners of our planet, because it combines ancient buildings and modern neighborhoods. One of the most striking historical landmarks, surviving in good condition, is the gateway Bab Zuweila, which were built as early as the tenth century.

At one time, they performed a defensive function, because Cairo was protected by a huge fortress wall, get into the city could only be through the gate Bab Zuweila. But the area of ​​the Egyptian capital is growing rapidly, and in the twelfth century, under Sultan Saladin of the Ayyubid dynasty, Gates ceased to be the southern outskirts of the city, being almost in its central part.

From the thirteenth century, near the gate of Bab Zuweila began to carry out public executions, are quartered and beheaded people objectionable Mamluk rulers. Before this gate was also hanged last Mamluk Sultan Tuman Bey.

In the fifteenth century during the reign of Sultan Muayyada over huge gate towers were built minarets. Today the tower you can see the plaques telling the story of the gate Bab Zuweila.

Each year, through the famous gate passes caravan of pilgrims, many of them believe in the legend that in front of the goal the Holy Spirit lives Mitvalli al-Qutb, who helps people heal from disease. As the "sacrifices" many pilgrims on the target leave their nails or teeth.

In the late nineties of the last century was a large-scale reconstruction of the gate, and then they become more attractive to tourists. Especially beautiful scenery of Cairo can be seen from the observation deck of the minaret, located near the gate of Bab Zuweila. In order to come up here, travelers overcome several hundred steps. No less fascinating tour of the ramparts of the famous gates. If you would like to visit this attraction, be sure to check reviews of Marsa Alam, this will help more balanced determined to stay.