Friday, February 20, 2015

Festival rolls into Chhenchau

Festival Rolls into Chhenchau (China)

The small island of Hong Kong is famous for its Chhenchau annual festival rolls, which is traditionally held in late April or early May. These days, thousands of tourists come here, to take part in a fascinating "hunt for scones."

The festival has a preliminary stage, where during the various events are selected twelve candidates who will fight later in the main program. It takes about two weeks before the festival. A few days before the opening on the skeleton almost every day there are a variety of shows and performances.

When it opens the festival, a grand parade is held, during which visitors can see the famous Chinese dancing lions and tigers, as well as dancing children dressed in traditional costumes. The parade was attended by many teams, representing various organizations, each of them has its own number. During the procession necessarily revered god Pak Tai, which is considered the protector of the island.

On the same day, late in the evening match occurs, which marks this festival, the so-called climbing the mountain of buns, which occurs in two stages. First compete twelve people who have won a preliminary stage, passing two weeks before the festival. Each of them must, climbing on plastic buns on the mount, remove as much of the top trophies in his bag for three minutes.

Thus, the higher the brioche is placed, the more it has balls. At the top are nine-bun, a little lower - a three-point, and at the bottom. The winner is the party in whose bag will buns with a large number of points.

In the second stage the team compete with each other, having in its composition of three. Their main goal remains the same as in the individual program - to collect buns, which would have the greatest number of points.

After the exciting races are traditionally awarded to the winners, with the closing of the festival is also held in a festive atmosphere where a lot of music, performances and fireworks.