Friday, February 20, 2015

Festival Burning Man

Expression in an American (The Festival"Burning Man")

One of the most controversial festivals that are held annually in the world, is a vivid and memorable performance under the sonorous name "Burning Man» (Burning Man). Since 1986, when it was founded this action, many thousands of participants gather in the Nevada desert to take a look at the burning huge figures. And this is clearly not a mini-scene, which you can arrange any holiday agency, a large-scale event with the participation of crazy inventors and weirdos of all stripes.

And it all began banal - one of the organizers of the festival, Larry Harvey, have not found a better way to heal his broken heart unrequited love than to burn on the beach wooden model of a person. Look at it it's only a few onlookers, but next year there were already a lot more. Gradually, this ritual "farewell to love" turned into an organized action week, which collects about 50 thousand people.

In the last week of August in Nevada for the participants of the festival is divided semicircular tent city with real streets and squares. The main condition for participation is the full expression - with unusual costumes, strange installations, body art, and constructions of incredible fantastic shapes.
The main transport in the camp - a bicycle, but also allowed the vehicle unusual species. Residents of the town definitely stocking masks and goggles, which are designed to protect their faces from the frequent dust storms.

The culmination of the festival is the spectacular burning of a huge 25-meter figure of a man.