Friday, February 20, 2015

Festival Scare

Festival Scare in the (US)

For the first time an unusual festival frightened, which is held in the town of St. Charles, was held to raise funds for the needs of the local school. But after four years, the parish church of the city took over the organizational matters for the festival, while actively cooperating in this regard with the school. The event, which exhibits used as a bogey, I liked not only locals, but also many guests Saint Charles, who bought tours in the United States.

For visitors to the festival organizers thought through an unusual route, during which it was possible to see a lot of items, including necessary to determine the best scarecrow.

In 2009, MSN recommended Festival frightened one of the best holiday destinations in the country in the autumn. Many people visiting the festival like experiencing a huge amount of positive emotions caused by unusual appearance scarecrow. These days the streets of the town you can meet people who have a head is a bunch of plugs or a bag with a straw.

Through a beauty contest among the stuffed animals, exhibits divided into two subgroups according to age category creators. To view all the exhibits will need almost the whole day, as many stuffed animals hidden in various locations. Often in their heads hidden job by doing that you can get a prize.

Despite the advancements, including scaring used lasers bioacoustics complexes, kites and gas guns, the most convenient and proven way to solve this problem, it was still good old scarecrows.

It is not surprising that in many countries also hold similar festivals. For example, a very popular festival Scarecrow, held in the English town of Ketlvelle.

Scarecrow-a-kind is a cultural artifact, because the peasants used to scare the old traditional clothes. In Russia, there is even a museum that is dedicated to a bogey.