Friday, February 20, 2015

The World Famous Motor Race

Indianapolis 500 (The World Famous Motor Race)

One of the oldest regular racing on the planet called «Indianapolis 500" is held annually on the highway "Old kirpichnitsa" and is considered the largest sporting event in the world.

Auto racing traditionally, since 1911, held in Indiana on the circuit Indianapolis Motor Speedway in the town on Memorial Day, which is celebrated on the last Sunday of May.

Take part in the race single definable race cars, which began to spread in the world at the beginning of the last century. A feature of these race cars is the fact that the wheels have rendered abroad body.

It is noteworthy that in the first decade of racing on the "old kirpichnitse", without exception, cars had two pilots, one of which was with the driver, and the other - a mechanic. Innovation in the design of the racing cars was that the power unit was under the seat.

During the eight days before the start of the main race on Saturday held Pole day, which determines the position of the pilots in the main race, each racer has the right to three qualifying heats.

The first day of qualifying race the Indianapolis 500 determines the balance placed competitors from the first to the twenty-fifth, in the second qualifying day played a starting place with twenty-six to thirty-three. Racers, ranked after the thirty-third, are not allowed to compete.

At the Indianapolis Motor Speedway can accommodate more than 257,000 spectators, which is the best in the world index for arenas of this type. Length of the route, which has the shape of an oval circuit equals 4,023 kilometers.

The band start and finish according to the organizers of the competition has brick coating, which is a tribute to history, although the main cover tracks - this asphalt.