Friday, February 20, 2015

Taste of Chicago

Festival "Taste of Chicago"(USA)

Among the culinary festivals held in America, is the biggest festival "Taste of Chicago", which lasts for five days.

For the first time such an event took place in 1980 on Independence Day. Then it lasted only one day, but the success was stunning, so it is not surprising that after quite a bit of time festival "Taste of Chicago" will join the list of popular American traditions.

Every year its scale became more impressive and, therefore, there was also a need for extension of the meeting.

Now the festival gathers all American cities the restaurant industry representatives who wish to become parties to it. It is a mistake to believe that the purpose of this festival is the only American fast food advertising. Of course, burgers and pizza are always out of competition, but also gourmet-vegetarians will eat what.

Traditionally, the open-air festival guests over fifty restaurants offer a taste of their best dishes. Moreover, you can attend the workshops from the best chefs who directly at the Grant Park will tell the secrets of cooking not only American, but also Asian and European cuisines.

Bright tents and awnings, where came the smell of freshly prepared food, like a magnet beckon tasters. Pizza, curry, ice cream and many other delicacies presented at this festival, are a serious threat for lovers slim waist.

Get rid of the accumulated calories will help a variety of cultural events, which are an integral part of the festival "Taste of Chicago".