Thursday, February 19, 2015

Waterfall Mitchell

Waterfall Mitchell (Australia)

Mitchell - a beautiful waterfall the four-located in the far northern region of Western Australia, approximately 2140 kilometers north-east of Perth (Perth). The waterfall is located in the National Park of the river Mitchell (Mitchell River National Park) and is one of its main attractions.

Mitchell Falls is best viewed from a helicopter. Walk to it can only during the dry season (May to November), when the open road Gibb River Road. The wet season begins in December and lasts until May, during which Mitchell Plateau area falls almost the entire volume of average annual rainfall, the level of which reaches up to 1600 mm. Torrential rains turn the river into a flood, which often overflow their banks and demolished everything in its path. Plateau is flooded, and of the continuity of the numerous waterfalls running down the gorge.

Like other waterfalls in the tropical regions of northern Australia, Mitchell falls fed by precipitation during the rainy season. During the dry season the water flow becomes significantly smaller.

As we mentioned, the waterfall can be approached Mitchell and foot. Walking on rough terrain will take a couple of hours and requires good physical preparation. Do not forget about the rest, and the way back, so that admiring and photographing the scenery will not have much time. Therefore, a trip to a waterfall in a helicopter is more preferable, especially as a way to move makes it possible to see almost all the attractions of the National Park Mitchell River.