Thursday, February 19, 2015

Natural Fountains

Blowhole Kayema one of the largest Natural Fountains in the World (Australia)

Coastal blowhole Australian city Kayema ​​is a small hole in the ground. Natural fountain throws water to a height of 24 meters, is considered one of the most powerful blowhole cave on the planet.

Periodically, the sea caves directs the flow of waters of the Pacific Ocean. Came under the blowhole is formed enormous pressure, resulting in a huge fountain of water breaks up. Natural fountain became a striking landmark of the town Kamen, and many tourists want to come here, to see such an interesting and exciting spectacle.

This miracle of nature has been known since the mid-eighteenth century, after the whaler George Bass moored off the coast of the present city of Kamen discovered natural fountain spouting water periodically. By the way, Bass - is not the first who discovered the blowhole. Local aborigines passed on information about him for generations, calling natural fountain "hanterintee."

Those who are going to visit this place, it is worth considering that you cannot come close to the prohibited blowhole Qaim in his moments of greatest turbulence. For reference,in 1992 the entire family of seven people during a visit to the blowhole city Kayema ​​washed into the sea. Unpleasant incident happened when the whole family enjoyed the sea views from the top of the cliff and then blowhole starts spewing a huge fountain of water that washed away entire family into coastal waters. Fortunately, tourists are more alert, and more such incidents did not happen.