Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sculpture Garden

Park Bruno's Art & Sculpture Garden in Marysville (Australia)

Be honest: you would like at least an hour to once again plunge into childhood and feel like a hero of some fairy tale? If so, then you have a great news - this dream is feasible! However, for this you have to make a long journey to Australia, because that is where the magic forest inhabited by the mysterious inhabitants - "The Garden of Bruno" (Bruno's Art & Sculpture Garden).

This unusual tale Park stretches just an hour's drive from the Australian city of Melbourne, near the small village of Marysville (Marysville). The author of the project was a man with boundless creative imagination - a Bruno Torfs (Bruno Torfs), through which the emerald forest of the area literally come to life, becoming a haven for more than hundreds of interesting sculptures.

It is interesting that the very Bruno is a native of South America, who had to live in Europe, but his real home is Australia has chosen. Traveled halfway around the world with his wife, the true creatives decided to stay inconspicuous in Marysville, what was to become a landmark event for a small town. After all, since the "population" in the nearby forest fairy pieces started coming here hundreds of tourists who want to witness the elves, wizards and other unusual characters, fantasy born Bruno.

All the sculptures are made of wood and clay, but so perfectly embedded in the surrounding landscape, which gives the impression that human figures "grow" straight from the trees. To look at them and wonder degree of the artist's imagination can be infinite, it is not surprising that tourists are happy to spend the whole day in the park.

Unfortunately, the winter of 2009 in this area raging wildfire strong, because of which turned out to be destroyed about 40% of sculptures Bruno Torfs; significantly affected and woodlands. But the ambitious author did not despair, and began to revivify their offspring - Today the park reopened to the public and is constantly updated with new fantastic figures.