Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mountain "Three Sisters"

Mountain "Three Sisters" an unusual creature of nature (Australia)

Sydney is located close to one of the most famous attractions in New South Wales, which has the name of the Three Sisters. This amazing natural monument, towering above the valley Jamieson, a rock formations that have formed as a result of weathering, which occurred over the millennia.
Three sisters reach a height of nine meters, they are part of the Blue Mountains, which are credited to the UNESCO World Heritage List. This picturesque natural creation best-observed from the observation deck of Echo Point.

It should be noted that the unusual rock formations rise above the Three Sisters area, where a long time lives of Indigenous Australians: people gundungurra, Daruga, viradzhuri and Darvan. Not surprisingly, about this local landmark is composed of many stories and legends.

One of them tells us that once lived in these parts three sisters, named Mihnea, Gunnedu and Vimla. They loved the young men from a neighboring tribe, but tribal custom forbade marriages. Soon, the sisters decided to kidnap, provoking this great battle. In order not to give the girls in another tribe, the leader turned them into stones.

After the battle, the leader of the tribe wanted to pardon the sisters, disenchant them, but he died suddenly of her charms. The girls forever remain huge boulders.

Appearance and color of natural monument Three Sisters changes periodically, depending on the season and time of day. Impresses many tourists highlighting the Three Sisters, which include every night, creating a stunner, in keeping with the background of the night sky.