Thursday, February 19, 2015

Stairway to Heavn

Sculpture-illusion "Decline and Rise" Stairway to Heaven (Australia)

Biblical Jacob's dream, where the hero of the Pentateuch dreamed of a ladder connecting heaven and earth, is reflected in contemporary culture. In 2013, at the annual art exhibition"Sculpture by the Sea" was presented stairway to heaven. New Zealand artist David McCracken, who has authored the sculpture "Decline and Rise", of course, is not paved the way to heaven, but only created a sculpture-illusion.

Stairway to Heaven is located between the beaches of Tamarama and Bondi, attracting many tourists on the Australian coast. Aluminum construction is a series of steps leading to the sea at an angle of 45 degrees.

Steps each time getting smaller, due to which an effect of an optical illusion. It seems as if tapering towards the top of the ladder is endless and lead straight to heaven.

Look at the stairway to heaven only need a certain angle, because otherwise it becomes not so endless, but due to its uniqueness is still worthwhile.

For the first time the exhibition "Sculpture by the Sea", where many painters and sculptors from all over the world can show their talent, took place 17 years ago. Sculpture by David McCracken today is a vibrant attractions of the region, which was chosen by both tourists and photographers. Day of the stairs leading to the clouds, but at night - to the shining stars in the sky.

It is worth noting that earlier artists have created these sculptures-illusion, but the "Decline and Rise" is striking in its scale.