Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ishak Pasha Palace

Ishak Pasha Palace near Dogubayazyta (Turkey)

Proudly positioned over the cliff, abandoned Ottoman Ishak Pasha Palace looks like a "Temple of Doom".
Despite the absence of many architectural delights that are common to other buildings of the Ottoman era palace in Ishak Pasha still manages to convey the richness and grandeur of the empire. Palace, remaining abandoned for centuries, is now a popular tourist attraction and often catches himself on camera flashes tourists.

Construction of the palace lasted for a century heirs of the famous statesman and military leader Ishak Pasha. Arches, typical of the architecture of the Middle East, as well as a huge dome passed the test of time for a period of 400 years. Being located near the Iranian border, in the architectural elements of Ishak Pasha Palace longer discern the influence of neighboring cultures than Ottoman. In particular, there are no traditional palaces of the Ottoman Empire spiers.

Surprisingly, the palace includes a dizzying number of benefits Ottoman civilization: bakery, mosque, dungeons and harem. With all of this in the palace complex functioned as the prototype of modern heating systems.

But despite his greatness, Ishak Pasha Palace quickly enough became a place of oblivion. Shortly after the completion of construction of the palace collapsed Ottoman Empire, and with it its culture. To this day, spacious rooms of the palace are empty, but the Turkish government this amazing building was included in the list of world cultural heritage of the country. In addition, the image of the palace can also be found on banknote 100 lire, which once again confirms the importance of this architectural landmark for the Turkish culture.

Visitors to this site can still look at the windswept yards and empty halls.